Eats and Beats on its way

Get ready Rangiora. The town’s first twilight Music and Food festival is on its way, with the countdown to ‘Eats & Beats’ well and truly underway.

Victoria Park will play host to the event, which kicks off at 3pm on Saturday 8 April, and runs for five hours.

Organisers are promising foods from all over the world in the gourmet food market, while the tunes will be pumped out live and continuously for the duration of the event.

Rangiora Promotions say the festival will be a great way to celebrate the first weekend following the end of daylight saving, and will cater for all ages.

Alcohol will be available in a restricted R18 area, with the drinks menu to include a selection of wines as well as craft beers.

A free bus is being arranged in order to allow out-of-towners to enjoy the event, with details of that expected to be confirmed shortly.

For more information - Rangiora Promotions Association