Council Providing Free Bus Service to Eats and Beats

Encouraging people to plan ahead and stay safe on our roads is one of the key drivers behind the free bus service being provided for the Eats and Beats music and food festival in Victoria Park on Saturday 8 April.

The free bus will do three trips from Kaiapoi via Woodend to Ashley Street in Rangiora and return later in the evening.

The first pick up in Kaiapoi will be on Williams Street just north of Ohoka Road.

The bus will stop if signalled at regular bus stops on the way to Woodend where it will travel down Woodend Road before travelling down Rangiora-Woodend Road to Ashley Street by New World. 

It is then approximately a 400m walk to Victoria Park.

Once in Rangiora the bus will do a loop of the town (as shown on the map) before heading back to Kaiapoi. 

Users are asked to wait at designated bus stops or if there is no bus stop nearby signal to the driver.

Eats and Beats kicks off at 3pm on Saturday 8 April, and runs for five hours, organisers are promising foods from all over the world in the gourmet food market, accompanied by live music for the duration of the event.

Timetable (approx departure times):

Kaiapoi – Williams Street (north of Ohoka Road):

  • 3.00pm
  • 4.10pm
  • 5.20pm


  • 3.10pm
  • 4.20pm
  • 5.30pm

Return Journey from Ashley Street, Rangiora:

  • 8.00pm – Loops Rangiora,  arriving Woodend 8.40pm / Kaiapoi 8.50pm
  • 9.15pm – Direct, arriving Woodend 9.30pm / Kaiapoi 9.40pm

Rangiora Loop – Pick up and drop off Ashley Street:

  • 3.30pm
  • 4.35pm
  • 5.50pm
  • 6.15pm
  • 6.45pm
  • 8.00pm