Application Received for Renewal of Consent for EXISTING Oxford Quarry in Browns Road

ExcavatorReadyMix has applied for a renewal of their existing consent with relation to their Quarry at No. 1 Browns Road.

The original consent, which was granted three years ago, is due to expire on March 25.

It was granted to remove 300,000m of material from the site.

The hours of operation consented were between 6am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 6am-12 noon Saturday, with up to 200 vehicle movements per day.

To date 150,000m of material has been taken.

The renewal seeks to remove the remaining 150,000m.

The same restrictions will apply as to the hours of operation and vehicle movements per day, together with no processing on site.

This is the only consent application Council has received from ReadyMix.