Coming to a desktop near you: Something old, something new

You may have noticed a few changes to our digital communications in recent months, with an increase in ‘real time’ information on our social media channels, as well as the introduction of easy-to-watch videos on both our Facebook and web pages.

WMK New Website Redesign 2017The changes are set to continue later this week.

Take a look at our home page on Thursday.

Same functions, but you will find a slightly different look and feel which we believe will significantly improve your journey navigating the site.

The changes are part of our commitment to Do Better Every Day and Keep You Informed.

Shifting towards the delivery of real time information via our digital and online tools has been a major focus for Council over the last 12 months and the participation numbers suggest you are gaining real value from this.

In the last year, nearly a million pages of our website have been viewed, with visitors spending on average 2.25 minutes per visit.

The likes on our Facebook page rose from 2800 likes at the start of December 2015, to just over 6000 at the start of February, and continue to rise at an average of 100 per fortnight.

Similarly the introduction of video has proved useful as an information tool with 28,000 views recorded thus far in February alone.

Thank you to you all for participation using these services.

We are glad that you are finding the changes so useful, and hope that will continue to be the case as we further add to our engagement practices in this rapidly evolving age of media and communications.