VIDEO: Accessibility at Dudley Park Aquatic Centre Given a Lift

Published: 28-May-2018

Accessibility at Dudley Park Aquatic Park has been given a lift with the installation of a new hoist and motorised change table in one of the facilities accessible changing rooms.

The $20,000 equipment is designed to allow pool users with limited mobility to move more easily between the shower equipment, changing area, toilet and their wheelchair. The hoist can lift up to 200kg and allows a single care-person to carry out transfers between areas without any manual lifting.

The new change table can also be used to shower, is height adjustable and has a rail for safety.

According to Waimakariri Access Group chairperson Jill Waldron, this new equipment will allow patrons to have a greater level of independence and enjoyment when using the pools.

“It means better accessibility to what’s available to everyone else, so if you want to come for a swim, you can come for a swim… So everybody in the community has the same access to the same facilities, to do the same things.”

The hoist is just one of several facilities at Dudley Park Aquatic Centre targeted towards improving accessibility. The centre also has a poolside hydraulic chair and a special wet wheelchair which in combination with ramp access into the water, allows wheelchair users to better enjoy the pool.

Councillor Peter Allen says this equipment is a result of the Waimakariri District Council’s ongoing dedication towards ensuring the region’s public facilities are enjoyed by all residents.

“For example, we’re looking at our camping grounds in our district, and wanting to ensure that any review of those camping grounds deals with access issues that might have been overlooked in the past.”

Dudley Park Aquatic Centre Manager, Tina Brough, expects that the newly improved changing room will see an increase in patronage from users with accessibility requirements.  The next focus for the pools will be the Kaiapoi Aquatic centre and looking for any accessibility improvements that can be made there.