A Touch of History for Rangiora Town Centre

A recently installed photographic display is bringing a touch of history back to the town centre of Rangiora.

The eight historical images are located on the side of the BNZ building opposite Cenotaph Corner, and depict iconic moments and buildings from the town’s past.

Jim Gerard QSO, chair of the Rangiora-Ashley community board, says the display is an initiative of the board to beautify empty spaces left as a result of the earthquakes and street upgrades. The images depict a variety of interesting situations, one of Jim’s favourites shows a huge stack of farmer’s carts knows as ‘gigs’ on market day in 1910. “…the farmers would go off to the market, have a successful sale, have a few noggins and my mind just boggles as they try to untangle the web of gigs at the end of the day.”

Another features elephants parading down High Street on their way to a circus in Dudley Park. Jim noted, “What I think's important about this picture, is it's something we'll never ever see in Rangiora again as circus animals are really a thing of the past. “

Other images show the main street being buried under heavy snow, a flock of sheep herded through the centre of the town and buildings that have since been demolished. The photos are on display now, and a larger collection of historical images is available for viewing at Rangiora Museum.