The numbers show we are continuing to grow!

The District is thriving!

That is the only conclusion that can be reached following the release of the latest building consent figures, encompassing the 2016 year.

house constructionCouncil issued consents for 664 new dwellings across Waimakariri during the last 12 months, which was consistent with the level of growth the District has experienced in recent years.

While down seven on the figure recorded for 2015, the total still represented the fifth straight year where in excess of 600 requests for dwellings had been signed off.

Following on from the ‘boom’ post ‘quake 2013-14 period, when 2309 dwellings were consented; the latest figures have raised the total of new consents within the District for the last five years to 4531.

That figure more than doubled the totals achieved during the 2001-06 (2259 consents) and 2006-10 (2216) time-spans.

Since 2001, 9006 new dwellings have been authorised in the District.

To put that figure in perspective, it is greater than the entire populations of four South Island Districts (Kaikoura – population: 3,555; Westland – 8,304; Mackenzie – 4,158; & Waimate – 7,536) as recorded in the 2013 national census.

It is also just 2500 shy of the total population of our neighbours to the north, Hurunui, who reported 11,529 residents in that census.

Of the 664 new dwellings requested in 2016; Rangiora contributed 262, up 100 from a year earlier.

Kaiapoi also continues to grow, although its rate of momentum has slowed, adding 183 dwellings last year, a figure which has dropped back considerably from the post-quake high watermark of 399 in 2013.

The impact of lifestyle blocks also continues to feature strongly in the District’s growth.

There were 102 rural zone dwellings consented last year, while the ongoing expanse of the Pegasus township was reflected by its upping in size by 54 new dwellings.