Waiyouth Skate Jam rocks!

Around 150 people turned out yesterday for Skate Jam, a Waiyouth organised fun event at the Rangiora Skate Bowl.

While the weather was touch and go, the youth team did a great job across the board; from sweeping the bowl and park for the event, to unloading the community trailer and setting up the tables and BBQs.

Propaganda clothing pitched in with chilly bins filled with sausages and bread for the sausage sizzle they sponsored. Scottie from Skate School offered free skate hire and pumped out the music, while instructors taught safety messages and park culture, along with skate techniques. Scottie broadcasted safety messages which included smoke free and helmet safety: “Some people think helmets are not cool – what’s not cool is BRAIN DAMAGE!”

The young skaters who were in action were amazing and were watched by a crowd of all ages as they did their thing around the bowl! Unfortunately the rain came in with a rolling black cloud which forced the final competition to be called off due to safety concerns in the bowl. But the weather failed to dampen what was a fantastic youth led initiative. Congratulations to Waiyouth – you rocked it!

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