Using a Metrocard will save you at least 30 per cent

Environment Canterbury is urging people to use Metrocards to make sure they’re getting the cheapest public transport fares possible.

Environment Canterbury logoFrom July 4, the bus and ferry fares in Canterbury will increase by an average of 2.5 per cent. It was originally proposed to be 10 per cent, but was cut back after community feedback. While the overall increase is 2.5 per cent, some fares will be increased and some will be decreased.

“In Waimakariri we’re also reducing the zones so all of Waimakariri will now fall into zone two,” Environment Canterbury commissioner David Bedford said. “That means for everyone catching a bus to or from Christchurch to Rangiora, Woodend and Pegasus, and within these areas, it will now be cheaper.”

In zone two, which will now be everywhere north of the Waimakariri River, there will be a small increase for those who pay with a Metrocard, while the increase will be a lot higher for those who pay cash when boarding a bus.

An adult Metrocard fare from Christchurch to Waimakariri will increase by 15 cents, while that same route will be an extra 50 cents if cash is used. There is a five cent increase for a child using a Metrocard, but if a child pays with cash it will be an additional 30 cents.

“I’d urge anyone who doesn’t already use a Metrocard to get one. It’ll save you at least 30 per cent on your travel plus it gives you a set price for daily and weekly travel,” Bedford said. “By using a Metrocard, you’re paying the cheapest bus fare possible. It also helps speed up boarding times which helps with travel time reliability.”

The fare and zone changes will come into effect on Monday July 4.

New fare structure for buses

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