Silverstream subdivision

Council has today delivered letters to all owners in the Silverstream subdivision. 

We were recently advised of an error in the survey provided to the developer and the Council for the Silverstream development.  

This survey was used to set benchmarks.  

These benchmarks were used to set some of the floor levels (floor heights) for homes within the development at the time of construction.

A specific floor level for each property was a requirement of the subdivision and building consent and was set based on flood modelling.  

The model results recommended a floor level to meet a one in 50-year flood event plus an additional margin (freeboard) of 300mm.  

Based on advice from the model report, a floor level of 4.3 metres or 4.4 metres above sea level (depending on the specific property) was required for each house constructed within the development.

A recent re-survey of the benchmarks has confirmed that the levels used prior to this re-survey were low.  

Based on the information to date, it appears that all of the houses in the Silverstream development are above the modelled 50-year flood level (4.0 or 4.1m above sea level). 

It is possible that some houses may have been constructed without the full recommended 300mm freeboard.  

Council is in the process of gathering additional information in relation to each property in the development at this time.