Restricted fire season in force from midnight

In preparation for summer, a restricted fire season comes into force for the Waimakariri District from midnight Tuesday 20 December.

This means fires cannot be lit in the open air without a permit from an authorised officer of the Waimakariri District Council.

Several fires that were not well attended last summer destroyed scrubland and came close to burning homes down. Waimakariri District Council’s Principal Rural Fire Officer Tim Sheppard says “Getting a fire permit is free and it isn’t difficult. It helps us establish who’s burning and when, so that if smoke is reported in a particular area, we know it’s legitimate. It also gives us a chance to check out how they’re going to manage the fire not only while it’s burning, but how they plan to make sure it’s completely out. We’ve seen fires re-ignite six months after the burn and it catches a lot of people out”.

“Unfortunately Christmas and New Year’s Eve are popular for letting off fireworks. We get called out to a few firework related incidents and remind people that under a restricted fire season, even fireworks cannot be lit without a permit”.

“We want people and property to stay safe this summer. If anyone see’s anything suspicious, they should call 111 and report it. Anyone intending to burn needs to understand the risks and make sure they plan for the worst case scenario. Take the necessary precautions to stay safe.”

“Anyone wanting to light a fire should get in touch with me and I can talk you through it.”

Contact: Tim Sheppard

Phone: 03 311 8900