Rangiora Charter Parade promotion

Don't be alarmed if things get a bit noisy just before 2 pm on Tuesday afternoon. 

Look skyward as the Navy will be landing a SH-2G Seasprite helicopter out at New Life School Rangiora, where it is expected to be greeted by the school's 500 students.

The activity is designed to promote the Charter Parade in High Street on Saturday 20 February, which will see the crew of the HMNZS Canterbury march after being granted permission during a short ceremony at the cenotaph from our Mayor, David Ayers.

Personnel from the crew will parade, with band accompaniment, from the cenotaph through High Street to the Town Hall corner.

The multi-purpose Canterbury operates two Seasprite helicopters off its flight deck.

Tuesday's visitor will overfly High Street prior to touching down at the school where it is expected to be met by an excited group of students.

The Canterbury is in Lyttelton this week both for the Rangiora visit on 20 February, and also for the earthquake commemorations which will take place on Monday 22 February​.

The Canterbury was the first responder to the 2011 earthquake and undertook several voyages to deliver personnel and equipment in aid of the relief effort.

Navy officials are hoping for a big turnout in Rangiora to see the parade, which provides the servicemen and women with the opportunity to meet the populace and experience the hospitality of the people they so proudly represent, serving on the ship that carries the province's name. Likewise the gathering provides the chance for the Waimakariri community to show its support and gratitude to these young men and women who have given up both their time and their lifestyle in service of our country. So if you are free on Saturday 20th, gather up your family and friends and get out there to show your support for those who swear an oath to protect and defend you. High Street will be closed from the cenotaph to the Town Hall intersection during the parade.

​​More details about the HMSNZ Canterbury can be found on the Navy website.