Pegasus Water Colour

The Council have recently had some enquiries from the Pegasus community about the colour of the tap water.

When people fill their bath they have been noticing a green tinge to the water. This is nothing to be concerned about. Testing of the water shows that it complies with the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand and that it is safe to drink.

We're currently running a different well from the one that is normally used therefore it's not suprising that the water is a different colour. All water has some colour due to the natural minerals that are present in the groundwater that the well draws its supply from.

Further testing is underway to get a better understanding of the colour of the different wells that are used as part of the Pegasus water supply. The important thing is that the water is safe to drink.

If anybody has any concerns, please contact the Council.

Contact: Gerard Cleary

Phone: 03 311 8900