Our District, Our Future - Waimakariri 2048

For nearly 30 years, Waimakariri has been one of the fastest growing Districts in New Zealand. The population and business sector has been growing steadily and our population may grow to about 80-100,000 people over the next three decades (based on Statistics New Zealand’s medium to high growth projections) - up from 56,400 in 2015.

2048 may seem like a long way away, and it is. However, it is critical to plan for potential growth over the next 30 years, ensuring the District remains a great place to live, visit, work and play in.

Over the coming months, the Council will be putting together a draft District Development Strategy: ‘Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048’. This will be a high level strategic plan that provides a framework to guide the District’s development into the future. It will take into account if, where and how we expand our residential and business areas to cater for potential population growth, and how our infrastructure needs to respond to create an environment our community wants to live in.

Waimakariri District Mayor, David Ayers says “By providing a clear, integrated, strategic picture of our future, we ensure that our resources, services and plans are working towards the same goals, and that the public and private sector know our community’s direction.”

The draft strategy will propose key themes to shape the future of the District’s development and it will also provide the framework for other key Council documents such as the District Plan, Long Term Plan, Infrastructure Strategy, Financial Strategy and Annual Plans.

The Council is now seeking the community’s early thoughts about some of the issues, opportunities and priorities for our District to help shape a draft Strategy. Your thoughts are being sought from Monday 10 October until Friday 11 November.

A launch event is being held on Wednesday 2 November 2016 from 5.30pm at the Rangiora Town Hall. This is an opportunity to hear staff talk about key trends and projections of where we have been as a District and where we might be heading. More importantly, it’s a chance for you to tell the Council in person what you think the priorities, ideas, issues and opportunities are that need to be considered and maximised over the next 30 years.

The full ‘Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048, Your Early Thoughts’ document is available online – waimakariri.govt.nz/DistrictDevelopment

Contact: Heike Downie

Phone: 03 311 8900