Lush grass growth not good news for all

While the benefits have most definitely outweighed the negatives from the higher than average rainfall experienced by the Waimakariri District last month, January’s ‘Big Wet’ has seen lawns across the area get away on many of their owners.


This has been the case for the Council as much as for individual landowners, with contractors struggling to keep pace with the rate of grass growth, while also being inconvenienced by rain-filled skies that have frequently brought mowing to a halt.

Regent’s Park provides a good example. Its lush surface was due to be cut back to the Council’s required specifications last Saturday, only for the heavens to open, forcing the park’s trim to be postponed.

Contractors are working extra hours, including during weekends, to attend to excess growth in Council reserve areas.

Despite this, and as has been noted by some members of the public, there are some parks and reserve areas within the district where the length of grass has yet to be trimmed back. These areas will be attended to as soon as possible.

Some parts of the district experienced in excess of 100 mm of rain last month, which was a greater fall than the collective sum of the previous three Januarys combined.

The additional moisture has combined with the warmer temperatures to speed growth, which has given a rich green look and feel to the district’s pastures at a time of the year that is traditionally reserved for the barren light yellow and brown associated with parched surfaces.

While not aiding the mowing process, the good news for the district’s farmers is that more rain is scheduled for the upcoming long weekend.