Love Food, Hate Waste to visit Kaiapoi Countdown

On Thursday 16 June 2016, 2 pm – 5 pm the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ team will be at Kaiapoi Countdown in Hilton Street.

Lesley Ottey, from EcoEducate (representing Waimakariri District Council) and volunteers from Satisfy Food Rescue will be available help you with hints and ideas about reducing your food waste at home.

The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign is designed to help all of us to think about what we buy and how much food is thrown away each year.

A smarter approach to food shopping could help Kiwi families save hundreds of dollars every year.

Food waste is a substantial issue in New Zealand with the average family throwing away three full shopping trolleys of uneaten food into the bin each year. For some households that's more than $560 of food going to waste.

Reducing food waste sounds easy - buy what you need, then eat what you buy. But busy lifestyles mean food can get lost at the back of the fridge, and it can be hard to resist temptation in the supermarket.

'Having a meal plan and a shopping list are two easy ways to keep on track at the supermarket. If you see a deal for buy one get one free, have a plan for how you will use it up, and how you'll store it so it will last until you do use it. It's not a bargain if it is going to go to waste,' says Kitty Waghorn.

Waimakariri District Council is one of 59 Councils collaborating to deliver the Love Food, Hate Waste message nationwide.

Come along and say Hi to our team, we would love to hear some of your hints and share your stories on how you save food from being thrown away. If you decide to make one change to save food from going to waste in your home, share that with us and put your name into a draw to win a set of food huggers at the end of the week - and for a copy of the 'River Cottage Love your Leftovers' recipe book which will be drawn in early July.

A big thank you to Countdown, Kaiapoi for letting us set up the display in front of their store and supporting the 'Love Food, Hate Waste' message.


Contact: Kitty Waghorn - Solid Waste Asset Manager

Phone: 03 311 8900