KTCB request policy on Mansfield Trees

A replacement programme for trees in the Mansfield Subdivision, Kaiapoi, will be developed to meet local residents' requirements after a number of requests for the removal of various trees.

Mansfield TreesThe need for a dedicated replacement plan was determined by the Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Board at its December meeting, with members accepting that decisions around the future of individual trees needed to be made on a case-by-case basis, subject to consistent guidelines to be outlined in the plan.

The Board directive did not contain any predetermined outcome as to what the plan should be.

Once research is completed to determine which trees are causing problems a plan will be created, although this will still need to be signed off by the Community Board, and the time frame for its implementation agreed.

Trees in the area have been the subject of debate in the last two years, with residents consulted about their future last year.

As a result of that process, the then Kaiapoi Community Board decided that all of the trees should remain.

That decision did contain a caveat allowing residents to seek action around individual trees, with the volume of requests under that provision leading to this week's discussion.

The plan will provide Council staff with a guide on how to deal with removal requests and provide some guidance to residents on what the likely outcome of individual requests will be.

There was no desire from the Board to see the wholesale removal of mature trees, and their replacement with the replanting of young trees, with members indicating it was important the current feel and tone of the streetscape shouldn't be altered.

It is expected that all replanted trees will be of a species that will fit in without a perceptible change to the current situation. This will involve the careful selection of replacement species that provide the same look but without creating the same issues, and the replacement of individual trees rather than wholesale lots.