Fitness stations and dog parks - successes for Rangiora Community Board projects

If you’ve been through Dudley Park lately and made use of the recently installed fitness stations, you’re not alone.

Dudley park fitness equipment

Since the fitness stations were installed at the end of last year, they’ve enjoyed a steady stream of ‘customers’ and helped to enhance the usage of the park itself.

The idea sprang from a local resident, Jeff Rogers, who saw similar stations on a visit overseas and thought they would be ideal for Dudley Park. He put the idea to the Rangiora Community Board who recognised its value and agreed to fund the equipment. The equipment itself has been spread out over Dudley Park to create a ‘fitness trail’ for users.

Board Chair, Sharleen Stirling, says the Board is very happy with the success that the fitness stations are enjoying. “Not only does this increase the recreational value of the park itself”, she says, “but the health and fitness benefits derived from using the equipment can only be good for the community as a whole. The establishment of the fitness stations directly reflects what the Board can achieve with direct input from members of the Rangiora public.”

Millton Ave dog parkAlthough it took slightly longer to achieve, the development of the dog park at the Millton Memorial Reserve, which also opened at the end of last year, is showing similar signs of success. Another Rangiora Community Board project, the 2.7 hectare dog park provides a place where dog owners can let their dogs run off leash and interact with other dogs in a controlled environment.

The dog park was part of the Council’s Millton Memorial Reserve Concept Development Plan and was strongly endorsed by the Rangiora Community Board.

“We are always keen to hear of ideas and suggestions from the community for enhancements and improvements to facilities in the Rangiora ward”, says Ms Stirling. “Community input is vital in the Board’s ability to advocate to Council to establish successful improvements such as these.”

Contact: Sharleen Stirling, Rangiora Community Board Chair

Phone: 027 426 7332