Eager wait over for local skaters

Hubber, down rail, quarter pipes and ledges – these are just some of the elements included in the Rangiora Skate Park extension at Dudley Park, about to be experienced by local skaters.

The anticipation is over for skaters eagerly awaiting the completion of the Rangiora Skate Park extension, and they will soon be making the most of new skating elements at the facility.

A group of local skaters were heavily involved in the design of the extension, and put forward their ideas to create a dynamic skate park with new and interesting features.

During construction some changes were made to further improve functionality of certain features. The top of the bowl has been increased in size to allow more run up room to the hubber and down rail, and the round rail and ledge that was to be installed in the old skate park have been constructed into moveable features in the new area.

An established tree on the boundary of the extension was saved from the chipper using creative design to incorporate it into the mix of tricks, and is thought to be a New Zealand first.

The Rangiora Community Board gave approval for the skate park extension in October 2015. Board Chair Judith Hoult says “We want as many people as possible to utilise the facility, so it includes elements that will cater for both bowl and street skaters and will appeal to a range of users and ability levels, including those on scooters.

"It’s been great having input from the local skaters. They were very passionate about what the final design should include and worked with us every step of the way” she said.

An official opening is being held at 3pm on Friday, after which the skate park will open to the public. 

Judith Hoult, Rangiora Community Board Chair
Email: Judith.hoult@wmk.govt.nz