Dudley Park pool closed for a week - reception still open for bookings

Unfortunately it is likely that the Dudley Park Aquatics Centre will now be closed for a week.

The Centre had been scheduled to reopen yesterday [Sunday] after routine maintenance work on the roof of the facility had been completed.

Those plans were throw awry by an unfortunate incident in the early hours of Sunday morning where water mains burst, flooding sections of the facility.

The water pipe that burst blew two couplings apart, resulting in a section of the pipe essentially dropping on the floor.

The pipe is around 40 mm in size so a significant volume of water was released.

As it occurred at 3 am, there was a torrent of water pumping into the room for a reasonably long period before the alarm was raised, and it could be shut off.

Given that the incident occurred in an upstairs part of the facility, the water overran the measures in place to contain water spills and thus flooded the electrical room, causing significant damage to the Building Management Systems.

The result has been a total loss of power to all systems that control the pool - pumps, heating (air and water) and air circulation.

The power that controls the lights to the building and administration/reception area are controlled in another part of the building so remain undamaged, hence the reception remains open to take bookings and perform other duties.

We are working with electricians to have this repaired, but given the level of damage, repairs are expected to take much of the week.

Once the electrical systems are operational, we will then need time to reheat the pools and ensure the water quality is correct, as these systems are also not functioning due to the water damage.

We again apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope to be able to reopen all facilities on Monday 4 July, but will provide updates to that timeline on both our website and our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is open as usual.