Big turnout for Northern Motorway briefing

Thanks to all of those who attended last night's Northern Corridor briefing at the Rangiora Town Hall.

A crowd of over 50 participated in the meeting, which involved informal workshops with representatives from the New Zealand Transport Agency, Environment Canterbury and the Waimakariri District Council.

The gathering focused on the northern corridor, tackling both the current congestion problems, as well as outlining the long-term improvement plans, which includes the western Belfast bypass, and the new northern arterial route into the city east of Belfast that will run through to Queen Elizabeth Drive and on to Cranford Street.

Environment Canterbury representatives highlighted the new bus routes to be introduced later this year, which will include additional peak hour buses, while the use of car-pooling as a means of decreasing the number of vehicles on the roads during the high pressure times was also discussed.

NZTA also provided research data related to the introduction of the variable speed limits which indicate that the initiative has had a positive effect on the traffic flow during morning peak hours.

Attendees were also provided with the results of the Northern Corridor Communter Research findings, a joint project carried out last year by the Transport Agency and Waimakariri District Council. The full research report can be viewed in the link below.

The evening also provided the opportunity for the community to provide feedback to the various agencies who are involved, with relation to both the current issues, and the future development plans for the northern motorway into Christchurch.

The audience included the Mayors of both the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts, alongside Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey, and a number of Councillors and community board members.

For those of you who couldn't make it, you can find more information relating to some of the topics discussed in this brochure (pdf, 1.1 MB.)

In addition the Transport Agency have prepared several videos, 'Motorway Manners', to help drivers understand how they can reducing congestion on the Northern motorway.