Extreme Fire Danger Warning Issued For Waimakariri

Published: 31-Jan-2018

Fire and Emergency NZ have issued an extreme fire danger warning for most of Canterbury, including Waimakariri District.

Given the very high temperatures and expected north to north-west winds, FENZ will be on high alert for the next 48 hrs with helicopters, crews, and heavy machinery either on immediate stand-by or high alert status.

All Fire Permits for Christchurch, Selwyn, Hurunui, and Waimakariri Districts have been SUSPENDED for the next 48 hrs. That means NO fires in the open.

Our residents are asked to be extremely careful with activities such as grinding, welding, mowing, and cropping or anything remotely likely to cause fire. If possible, postpone these activities until conditions are safer.

If you see a fire, notify FENZ immediately by calling 111.