Let There be Lights!

Published: 03-Aug-2017

The wait is nearly over.

Rangiora’s third set of traffic lights are just over a week away, after confirmation that the South Belt lights will be turned on in the week starting on Monday August 14.  The lights are replacing the roundabout at the busy intersection between South Belt, Southbrook Road and Percival Street.

The project, which started in January, has been a long one.Let There Be Lights

While we sought to minimalise the disruption as much as we could, it has required a lot of tolerance from commuters, local residents and businesses.

We appreciate your patience.

Now that the work is nearing an end, we are confident users will appreciate the difference.

The additional regulation will undoubtedly help traffic flows on arguably the busiest roadway in the district.

The project was about more than just the lights, including a number of other infrastructural updates, much of which was underground.

The Benefits of the works include:

  • Improved safety through the intersection
  • Safer access for people on bikes
  • Improved pedestrian connections and safety
  • Improved turning safety

The work that has been done:

  • Removal of existing roundabout and traffic islands
  • Relocation of underground services (telecom, power,  etc.) to ensure safe manhole access once the works is completed
  • Relocation of underground services to allow installation of the stormwater main, and new signal services
  • Installation of a new water sub-main, and valves relocated out of the intersection to ensure safe access once the works is completed
  • Installation of new water main on South Belt
  • Installation of new large diameter stormwater main
  • Installation of new sewer main
  • Reconstruction of the road pavement in South Belt
  • Pavement widening in Percival Street and Southbrook Road
  • Construction of a new footpath in South Belt
  • Removal of old kerb and channel and installation of new
  • Removal of existing footpaths and constructing new
  • Installation of a large concrete slab over the Middlebrook Culvert

Name: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 0800 965 468