Council reports discussing the Woodend Bypass

Roading is an important part of the Waimakariri District Council’s services and is probably the Council's most visible service in the community, as virtually everyone in the District uses a road on a daily basis.

What a lot of people don't know is that we (the Council) manage local roads, while the NZ Transport Agency is responsible for managing state highways in our district. This includes State Highway 1 through Woodend and Lineside Road towards Rangiora.

On the ground this means Council works closely with NZ Transport Agency to make local roads (the ones we manage) interact well with state highways. An example is how we make sure any development (such as new subdivisions like Pegasus and Ravenswood) takes into account current state highways and is taken into account by NZ Transport Agency future plans.

NZ Transport Agency are investigating a number of safety improvements for Woodend and have high level plans for a Woodend Corridor bypass.

Electoral candidates have asked for information within Council reports relating to SH1 and a Woodend Bypass and were provided with the below material.