Documents & resources for candidates

It’s an exciting time to be part of local government and local elections are a great opportunity to see your community progress from your dedication. A democracy only succeeds if people who care for the community are prepared to give it a go, do their bit and have a say.

We have searched for the best people to shape our cities, towns and regions. Our members need vision and commitment to help them make our communities better places in which to live.

Successful local election candidates are those that take the time to listen to their communities, engage with the people within them and go on to champion their voice as their representative.

Here are some resources to help you plan your campaign:

Nomination forms will not be able to be received and processed by electoral staff prior to Friday 19 July.

Download the PowerPoint  ppt, 7.0 MB shown at the recently held prospective candidate info evening, outlining the nomination process etc.  For further information please contact Sarah Nichols, Deputy Electoral Officer/Governance Manager: or 021 679 063.

Quick notes for perspective candidates:

  • Photos (colour)  submitted with nomination papers must be less than 6 months old – these go in the voting profile booklet   (what photos you use during campaigning can be of any age)
  • No signage hoardings can be erected before Saturday 10 August.  (Decorated vehicles, adverts and flyers can commence anytime).
  • Remember that ALL election advertising using any media, including social media, posters, adverts, billboards, flyers, vehicle signage, websites, Facebook pages etc MUST have a readable sentence at the bottom saying that it is “Authorised by (your name/agent) xxx Joe Bloggs, (your/agent address) xxx20 Somewhere St, (you/agent town) Sampletown”    No PO Box or Rural delivery number is to be used.
  • Keep a track of ALL of your expenses and keep receipts.  (including the spending you are doing now).

New change to rules this year:

  • When nominations are received this year – NO Cheques will be accepted – its cash, eftpos or direct banking only.  Its still only $200.
  • When nominations are received this year – you MUST provide proof of citizenship as part of the nomination paperwork process – either copy of passport, birth certificate or NZ citizenship documentation.

Related information:

The DHB Candidate booklet is now live on the Ministry of Health website, along with contact details for electoral officers and also Conflict of Interest information.