Why do we need a Strategy?

The previous Rangiora Town Centre Strategy (RTC2020) has proven successful in bringing about exciting developments and greater vitality in the Town Centre. However with the vast majority of the key projects identified in the RTC2020 completed, it was time to stretch our aspirations further into the future.

Over 60% of Waimakariri residents view Rangiora as their primary destination for shopping and services. This population continues to increase following more than 20 years of sustained growth, with Rangiora itself expected to grow from around 18,000 people to approximately 30,000 by 2048.

Some 4,500 new households are planned on the edge of existing residential zones. Around 500 metres as the crow flies is all that separates the north-eastern residential growth area from the heart of High Street; this will create unique opportunities for a vibrant and practical connection between the two.

If Rangiora is to meet the needs of an increasing number of people, it will need to accommodate a substantial increase in floor space for retail, business and community services, and do so well. It’s vital that we strategically plan for this growth and ensure our Town Centre is vibrant, prosperous and retains its unique character in the coming decades.