What makes a good town centre?

The concept of ‘towns for shopping’ is becoming outdated. Changing trends, including a growing move to online shopping, has resulted in a higher turnover of tenants, introduction of pop-up formats and centres more oriented towards events and activities.

There is now a greater emphasis on town centre experiences, which means providing a mix of activities, well designed public spaces and an attractive environment are increasingly important.

We need to ensure that the Town Centre has:

  • An inviting outdoor setting that incorporates the character of the town, appealing landscaping, historic buildings and enjoyable public spaces.
  • Buildings that provide for attractive and inviting ground floor uses.
  • Good parking and accessibility from all directions by various modes of travel; including public transport and cycling.
  • A pleasant pedestrian environment that encourages people to walk alongside stores, shop and linger in cafés and other public spaces.
  • Opportunities and spaces set aside for public art.
  • A wide range of facilities, activities and services that bring people together and add to the vitality and vibrancy of the Town Centre