This Opportunity in a Nutshell

What we need

A Developer or Developer Group or Consortium with the necessary experience and resources to purchase land in the Kaiapoi South Mixed Use Business Area and then complete a successful and timely development of the land purchased in the Kaiapoi South Mixed Use Business Area in a cohesive way that provides an attractive mixed use development which may include residential, business, car-parking, and public amenities.

What we don’t want

Respondents without the necessary experience or resources or who wish to land-bank the land rather than carry out timely development of the land.

What’s important to us?

The capability, capacity, and desire, to complete the purchase of the land and then the timely development of the land, in line with the District Plan, the Outline Development Plan, and the Waimakariri District Council objectives – see the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan – 2028 and Beyond.

Technical Feasibility – assessment of the technical feasibility sufficient to provide the Council with reasonable confidence that the concept proposal is technically feasible. This should be prepared by suitably qualified independent professionals.

We are open to proposals for the purchase and development of parts of the land in the Kaiapoi South Mixed Use Business Area i.e. a proposal doesn’t have to be for the entire block of land.

Why should you apply?

Because this is an opportunity to buy central land in Kaiapoi, adjoining the river, with great development potential, and to be a part of the future growth of Kaiapoi.

The process in brief

Concept proposals are sought for the opportunity above for us to evaluate and then shortlist those Respondents whom we want to continue to engage with to negotiate a contract for the sale of the land and its subsequent development.

A bit about us

The Waimakariri District Council is the territorial authority for the Waimakariri District.

The Waimakariri District Council is responsible for one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. About 60,000 people currently call the District home and by 2048 our population is forecast to approach 97,000.

Our team of dedicated, qualified and friendly people are committed to providing for this growth and ensuring Waimakariri is a great place to be in partnership with our communities.

Since the Canterbury Earthquakes, the Council has invested heavily in the District’s regeneration, particularly in the badly-affected greater Kaiapoi area. The urgency of our response and our community-focused approach to the recovery has been declared as world-leading and recognised with numerous awards.

In 2018, the Council adopted the Kaiapoi Town Centre plan, which established masterplans for the Mixed-Use Business Areas and aims to build on the regeneration momentum by developing the town into a vibrant destination.