Mixed-Use Business Areas

The Council has a responsibility to implement the Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan 2016. This means we need to work with the community to determine activities for the Mixed-Use Business Areas (formerly residential redzone) and to develop an integrated ‘concept plan’ that combines them with the existing Kaiapoi Town Centre.

It is very unusual that town centres have such large areas of vacant land in single ownership on their doorstep, and so these areas provide a significant opportunity both to support the town centre now and provide for expansion as Kaiapoi grows.


While working with the community in preparing this Plan, seven principles for the development of the Mixed-Use Business Areas have been identified:

  1. Create a Destination.
  2. Attract a range of new activities and businesses.
  3. Acknowledge existing and previous residents.
  4. Include new riverside attractions.
  5. Promote a distinctive character and innovative and quality design solutions.
  6. Create a unique sense of place and public pride.
  7. Ensure better visual and physical access to the river.