LURP Action 47

Action 47 directs the Waimakariri District Council to provide to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, by 6 June 2014, any changes to its District Plan that are needed, in addition to other Recovery Plan actions, to enable and support recovery and rebuilding.

The following changes were proposed:

  • Deleting the requirement for relocated dwellings to obtain resource consent;
  • providing for the stabilisation of structures or buildings damaged by earthquakes as a permitted activity;
  • including the ability to assess economic costs associated with retaining heritage buildings and structures when processing a resource consent for their removal or alteration; 
  • removing the resource consent requirement for additional dwellings on a site needing a resource consent for financial contributions;
  • providing for an increase in the permitted amount of earthworks on residential zoned sites where land remediation is required for sites with increased liquefaction vulnerability;
  • providing for building demolition material to remain on the demolition site for no more than one month after demolition work has been completed;
  • requiring that building demolition material be disposed of to an approved landfill or recycling site;
  • providing an exemption from the noise rules for the construction and operation of the arterial road at west Kaiapoi;
  • providing for vibration and noise from construction in residential areas to reflect those submitted to Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery under Action 25(ii).

Written comments on Action 47 closed on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

Action 47 became operative from 23 February 2015.