LURP Action 4

Action 4 directs the Waimakariri District Council to provide to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, by 6 June 2014, any changes to its District Plan that are needed to identify appropriate sites, including brownfields sites within the existing urban area for intensified residential and mixed-use development, and enable comprehensive development of these sites. 

The following changes were proposed:

  • Introduce new objectives, policies, rules and definition for comprehensive residential development;
  • The Residential 1 Zone is identified as the principal location for comprehensive residential development and will be enabled through specific provisions that allow a range of styles and densities, but ensure high quality design following best practice urban design principles;
  • The Residential 2 Zone will also provide for comprehensive residential development with additional consideration of any cumulative effects of more intensive development on the character of the zone;
  • Within the Residential 6 Zone, comprehensive residential development will be provided for to enable greater choice while subject to best practice urban design;
  • New or revised objectives, policies and rule standards are introduced to ensure good levels of  amenity for the residents within comprehensive residential developments and avoid adverse impacts on neighbours or the wider residential community.

Written comments on Action 4 closed on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

Action 4 became operative from 23 February 2015.