District Plan Review

District Plan Review

Waimakariri District Council is planning for the future with the new Proposed District Plan.

We’re updating the District Plan to ensure it enables economic and residential growth, while protecting the things that make Waimakariri special.

The Proposed District Plan is open for public submissions until 5pm on Friday 26 November.

View the Proposed District Plan

The District Plan is available as an ePlan, in digital (electronic) format. You can type in the address of your property and view relevant planning information, rules and policies that apply to your land and other areas of Waimakariri. You can also read all of the District Plan chapters and view the planning map of the entire District.

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About the Proposed Waimakariri District Plan

A District Plan is essentially a 10-year ‘rule book’ that sets district-wide rules for sustainably managing how people use, subdivide and develop land, what and where they can build and also what kind of activities they can undertake.

The Plan also controls any adverse effects an activity could have on the neighbourhood and protects the uniqueness of our district by looking after our heritage, cultural values, outstanding landscapes and coastal environment among other matters.

Some proposed rules in the Proposed District Plan have immediate legal effect.

The Proposed District Plan is intended to replace the Operative Waimakariri District Plan once decisions on the Proposed District Plan are reached. However, some rules will have immediate legal effect as soon as the Proposed District Plan is notified, pursuant to s86B of the RMA, which ultimately determines such rules.

Some rules have immediate legal effect on notification as a result of an order sought by Council and granted by the Environment Court under s86D of the RMA; those rules are SUB-R10, GRUZ-R41 and GRUZ-R42, which relate to the minimum lot size for subdivision and residential activity in parts of the rural area. You can view the decision here.

Certain rules included in the Proposed District Plan that have immediate legal effect relate to:

  • Historic Heritage
  • Sites and Areas of Significance to Māori
  • Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity
  • Natural Character of Freshwater Bodies
  • Notable Trees
  • Subdivision
  • General Rural Zone

Rules that have immediate legal effect are identified in the Proposed District Plan online ePlan with an orange gavel symbol next to the relevant provision.

Why is the current Plan being reviewed?

We are required by the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) to review our District Plan every 10 years and make sure it is up to date with national policies and regulations that have come into force since the last District Plan was prepared.

The current District Plan has been under review for a number of years. During the review process the Council consulted with residents, landowners and stakeholders and sought feedback on key issues in the District.

This feedback has been taken into consideration in preparing the Proposed District Plan and we have now reached the stage where the Plan has been notified for formal public consultation.

How does the District Plan affect me?

The District Plan impacts on almost everything you do across our district – setting out the activities you can or can’t do, and what activities you need a resource consent for.

The Plan also controls any adverse effects of activities between you and your neighbours. For example, how much noise you can make, whether you can subdivide your land or how close to a boundary you can build your house.

It also looks after other important aspects of the District such as cultural values, historic heritage, natural environment and biodiversity – ensuring our district retains its unique characteristics for future generations.

We encourage you to look up your property and any changes that may affect you on the Proposed District ePlan.