Private Plan Changes

This page lists the status of all private District Plan changes and includes information on plan changes which are currently open for submissions

Plan Changes Open for Submission:

Plan Change 45 - Rangiora Airfield - Closed at 5.00pm 31 January 2020

*Call for further submissions*

The opportunity to make a further submission on the submissions received on Plan Change 45 is now available.  Further submissions can be made by persons that are representing a relevant interest of public interest and/or any person that has an interest in the plan change greater than the interest that the general public may have may make a further submission.

Submissions close at 5.00pm Friday 31 January 2020. Forms may be submitted online or downloaded and emailed to:

Additional information including a summary of submissions can be found below.

Further submissions can be made here online here or download the pdf form below.
Submissions close at 5pm, Friday 31 January 2020.

Waimakariri District Council has accepted for public notification a District Plan change request from the Waimakariri District Council under part 1 of the first schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991. In conjunction with the Plan Change, a Notice of Requirement to designate the site for use of airfield activities has also been lodged.  Details of the Plan Change and Notice of Requirement are set out below.

Plan Change P045

This change seeks to amend the District Plan provisions to provide for limitations on development within the proposed 55dBa Ldn noise contour lines and the Obstruction Limitation Surfaces associated with the existing and future use of Rangiora Airfield. The purpose of the plan change is to insert provisions into the District Plan to align Obstacle Limitation Surfaces with current runway lengths, and to require noise sensitive activities (new dwellings or additions to existing dwellings) within the 55dBa airfield noise contour to be insulated from aircraft noise, to prohibit noise sensitive development within the 65dBa airfield noise contour, and to require noise from aircraft operations to not exceed 65dBa Ldn outside the 65dBa Ldn airfield noise contour.

Notice of Requirement for Designation

The notice of requirement application seeks to designate the whole of the Rangiora Airfield site at 219 Merton Road Rangiora, being RS 38634 for airfield purposes, as well as the adjoining land within the 65dBA Ldn noise contour in other ownership. Addresses and Legal descriptions of the sites in other ownership are 172 Priors Road, Lot 5 DP 410643, 80 Priors Road, Lot 2 DP 426606, 207 Merton Road, Lot 1 DP 410643, Ashley River Riparian Area, Crown Land, 385 Lehmans Road, Pt RS 33396 and Closed road SO 5157.

A hard copy of the application is also available to view at the Rangiora Service Centre, 215 High Street, Rangiora, Rangiora Library, 141 Percival Street, Rangiora, Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre, 125 Raven Quay, Kaiapoi and Oxford Service Centre/Library, 34 Main Street, Oxford.

Any person may make a submission on this Plan Change and designation.  This feedback must be in writing and in the format prescribed by Form 5 of the Resource Management (Forms) Regulations 1991 or similar - see Submission Forms below.

Once all submissions have been received, the Council will prepare and publicly notify a summary of the feedback which will be available for public inspection.  There will be an opportunity for anyone to make a further submission in support of, or in opposition to, any of these submissions.  A Council hearing will then be arranged to consider all submissions, and decisions will be made.  Anyone who has made a submission will have the right to attend the hearings and present their submission. Generally, anyone who has made a submission also has the right of appeal against a Council decision to the Environment Court.

Submission forms

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Status of all Private District Plan Changes

Plan Change No.Description of Plan ChangeStatus of Plan Change
1Doncaster Developments Ltd, West RangioraOperative 23 November 2009
3Waghorn, East RangioraOperative 28 June 2010
5Ravenswood Developments Ltd, North WoodendOperative 19 March 2012
6J A and B L Properties Ltd, North Eyre Road, Mandeville NorthOperative 30 August 2010
7Ravenswood Developments Ltd, North WoodendOperative 19 March 2012
8Northside country Ltd, Waikuku Beach generalOperative 22 August 2011
9Woodend Beach Developments, Woodend Beach RoadOperative 3 March 2014
10Waikiwi Developments Ltd, Wards Road, Mandeville NorthOperative 9 May 2011
11Ruby Views Ltd, rezone Beach Road Kaiapoi 14 haOperative 1 May 2012
12Ruby Views Ltd, rezone Beach Road Kaiapoi 52 haOperative 1 May 2012
13Taylor Homes Ltd, Enverton Drive/Ballarat Road, North RangioraOperative 3 October 2011
14Silverstream Estates Ltd, West KaiapoiOperative 24 November 2011
15Silverstream Estates Ltd, West KaiapoiOperative 24 November 2011
16J A and B L Properties Ltd, Enverton Drive East, North RangioraOperative 25 June 2012
17Ohoka Plan Change Group, Mill Road, OhokaOperative 9 December 2013
19B A Freeman Family Trust, Parsonage Road, WoodendOperative 9 December 2013
20Clampett Investments, Smith Street, KaiapoiOperative 20 April 2015
21P & A Bagrie, Bradleys Road, OhokaOperative 31 March 2014
22B F & R M McHugh, McHughs Road, MandevilleOperative 28 July 2014
23Evansvale Plan Change Group, Swannanoa Road, FernsideWithdrawn 5 December 2014
26Westpark, Lehmans and Oxford Roads, RangioraOperative 23 May 2016
27Clarke Family Trust, South Belt/Townsend Road, Rangiora16 September 2015 hearing postponed - new date to be advised
28P G Harris, 116 and 148 McHughs Road, MandevilleOperative

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