Council Strategies & Plans

The Council has adopted a number of Strategies and Plans which set out the vision, goals, objectives, projects and plans to achieve outcomes relating to specific issues.

These are high-level strategic documents; you will find more specific Activity Management Plans under the various Council services.

Community Action Plan on Alcohol

The Waimakariri District Council Community Action Plan on Alcohol is the first step in working towards our vision to promote the safe and responsible use of alcohol within Waimakariri and minimise the alcohol-related harm to the people and communities across our district. (pdf, 262 KB)

Community Development Strategy 2015-2025

The Waimakariri Community Development Strategy reflects Council's desire to work with the community to identify community development priorities now and into the future and reflects the continuing growth and diversity of the Waimakariri community. (pdf, 388 KB)

Organisational Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan 2020

The Organisational Sustainability Strategy sets out actions allowing the Council to conduct its business and operations in a more sustainable manner. It is also about retaining and enhancing a growing staff culture which embraces sustainability as normal day-to-day practice, extending the initial focus on the three Service Centres operations to the wider organisation’s services and infrastructure.

Corporate Sustainability Strategy 2019

Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan - 2028 and Beyond promotes a vision of a vibrant Town Centre that embraces the river, attracts visitors and new businesses and creates enjoyable public spaces. It builds onto the work successfully completed as part of the 2011 Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan and strives to maintain Regeneration momentum.

For the first time, it also includes Masterplans for the Mixed-Use Business Areas which provide us with an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the Town Centre. We believe Kaiapoi will become a destination; a place to live, shop, dine and relax.

Also see the Kaiapoi town centre page for more information. (pdf, 14.1 MB)

Oxford Town Centre Strategy

The Oxford Town Centre Strategy provides a vision, key themes and strategic directions to assist in planning for the future of the Oxford town centre. Also see the Oxford town centre page for more information (pdf, 3.8 MB).

Procurement Strategy 2019

Procurement Strategy that articulates the procurement vision, objectives and ‘what’ the Council is aiming to achieve for its stakeholders. It is the approach to procurement over the next three years and sets forth the framework to achieve public value and quality outcomes through best procurement practices.

Rangiora Town Centre Strategy

The Rangiora Town Centre Strategy is a document that provides a decision-making framework which the Waimakariri District Council is able to use to make positive changes to the Rangiora town centre from now until the year 2020 and beyond. Also see the  Rangiora town centre page for more information (pdf, 6.1 MB).

Reserve Management Plans

Reserve Management Plans help the Council make decisions on the day-to-day management of parks and reserves througout the district. Council already has a number of reserve management plans these can be found on our Reserve management plans and strategies page.

Waimakariri Accessibility Strategy 2017

This strategy will act as a guide to enhance people’s independence and ability to participate, engage in, and benefit from Council services.  Accessibility in this context refers to the removal of barriers that prevent people from participating fully in community and civic life. Accessible design benefits everyone, including families with young children and people with impairments and age-related disability.

Waimakariri District Road Safety Strategy 2011-2016

The Road Safety Strategy for the Waimakariri District intends to reduce fatalities and serious injury crashes on the district (pdf, 1.4 MB).

Waimakariri District Visitor Strategy 2010-2015

The Visitor Strategy 2010 – 2015 has been developed by Enterprise North Canterbury, Council's economic development agency, with Waimakariri District Council and key stakeholders in the visitor industry to provide a vision and direction for tourism in the Waimakariri District. It also provides a context within which to consider Annual District Promotions business planning. (pdf, 341 KB)

Waimakariri Local Economic Development Strategy 2012

The Waimakariri Local Economic Development Strategy provides a decision-making framework for economic development in the Waimakariri District - it provides clarity of Council's roles and responsibilities in enabling and providing for a prosperous local economy. The Council, Enterprise North Canterbury, local businesses, developers and other key stakeholders will be able to use the Strategy to guide and make positive changes. (pdf, 2.3 MB)

Also see the Local economic development page and Strategy summary (pdf, 157.4 KB).

Walking and Cycling Strategy

The Walking and Cycling Strategy and Implementation Plan provides a basis for identifying and prioritising demand for new or improved walking and cycling opportunities within the Waimakariri District. (pdf, 571 KB)

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2018

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan sets the way forward for the Waimakariri District Council to manage waste in a manner which improves the efficiency of resource use and reduces the harmful effects of waste, whilst fulfilling the Council's obligations under the Local Government and Waste Minimisation Acts. More information can be found on the Reducing Your Waste page.

Water Conservation Strategy

The Water Conservation Strategy identifies and priorities opportunities for water conservation within the Waimakariri District. It provides targets, initiatives and a monitoring regime to achieve higher levels of water conservation within the Waimakariri District Council community water supplies. (pdf, 1.6 MB)

Woodend Pegasus Area Strategy

The Woodend Pegasus Area Strategy assists in planning for the future of the Woodend Pegasus area. Also see the Woodend Pegasus development page for more information. (pdf, 4.9 MB)

Youth Development Strategy

The Waimakariri Youth Development Strategy outlines how the Council and community can invest in the development of our young people, so they feel valued and encouraged to stay and make positive contributions to the continued growth of the district. (pdf, 5.6 MB)