Pressure Sewer Systems

Pressure sewer is a relatively new service method to the district which comprises a private on-site pump station with a grinder pump that grinds the raw wastewater into a slurry before pumping it into the Council sewer mains.

The Council currently has four pressure sewer schemes at Northside Country, Waikuku Beach, Stages 12 and 13 at Pegasus, Ohoka Village and Beach Grove, Kaiapoi.  For pressure sewer schemes, the pump station, pipework to the boundary and control panel are all the responsibility of the property owner.

Approved pressure sewer suppliers for the Waimakariri District Council

An assessment process was held in June 2015 to select approved suppliers of pressure sewer pump stations for use within the district, for connection to Council owned pressure sewer schemes. Note that this is different to Council owned STEP schemes, and the approved suppliers for these items can be found on the Septic tanks page.

Four companies submitted applications, with each applicant being assessed on six criteria by Council staff to determine a final weighted score for each potential supplier. The criteria assessed were:

  • Technical compliance with Council standards (does the pump station meet Council’s technical requirements?)
  • Track record (how well have the pump stations performed in the past, and how widely are they used?)
  • Support (what level of local support is offered by the supplier after the sale of the pump station?)
  • Price
  • Installation procedures (is the pump station easy to install?)
  • Any supplementary information (what other information did the supplier provide to support the use of their system?)

Based on the assessment process described above, two suppliers were approved for use within the district. The approved supplier information is given below:

Supplier nameAquatec Fluid Systems Pty LtdE-One (distributed through Ecoflow)
Pump station make and model*SPSS4101B0311 1100L Free standing OGT pressure sewer systemEnvironment One (E/One) Simplex 2010ip
Contact detailsAquatec Fluid Systems NZ Ltd
52 Orbell Street
Christchurch 8023 
Phone: 0800 756 534
Ecoflow Ltd - Christchurch
15 Anchorage Road
Christchurch 8042
Phone: 03 349 2506
Website details for further

*Installation of any model pump station other than those specified above is subject to specific approval from the Wastewater Asset Manager.

It should be noted that the scores given above are based on a subjective assessment carried out by Council staff. Property owners and developers may place different weightings on the attributes considered. Therefore, the Council recommends that prospective purchasers obtain their own information from the suppliers and do their own assessment to make an informed decision before purchasing a pump station.

Pressure sewer systems

There are currently only two pressure sewer suppliers that can be used on Council-owned pressure sewer schemes.