Drainage Works

The District was hit by a significant rainfall event on the 31 May and 1 June 2019, with a very intense cloud burst occurring in coastal areas.  This resulted in flooding of a number of buildings in Kaiapoi and Woodend.

The information below provides an update on drainage investigations underway as a result of this recent June 2019 event as well as an update on the drainage works that were programmed following the February 2018 event.

Both the June 2019 storm event and the February 2018 storm event highlighted areas where drainage is problematic or where there are localised issues. Council has received over 100 service requests related to the recent June 2019 storm event.  Our Drainage team is working hard to respond to and address all of the issues raised.

If you experienced any flooding of any concern as a result of this recent event, please log a service request.

Drainage InvestigationsImage of the flooding in Kiln Place, Kaiapoi, June 2019

Numerous drainage investigations are underway to address issues highlighted by the storm event we have experienced in June 2019.  This investigation work may include undertaking CCTV inspections to confirm the condition of pipework, visual inspection of drains to check for blockages, hydraulic assessments to confirm the capacity of the system and the reporting on maintenance and/or upgrading works required.

The key areas being investigated by the Drainage team are:

  • Kaiapoi (Raven Quay, Fuller Street, Ohoka Road, Whitefield Street, Kiln Place, Fairweather Crescent, Williams Street, Cridland Street)
  • Woodend (School Road, Norton Place, Main North Road)
  • Rangiora (Ayers Street, Newnham Street)
  • Oxford (High Street, Church Street)Photo of vehicles driving through flooding on Percival Street, Rangiora, Feb 2018

In addition to the Council's Roading team are undertaking a number of investigations and physical works in numerous rural locations to address localised issues.

We are also continuing with our investigations and remedial works in the Waikuku Beach area and The Pines Beach / Kairaki area following the February 2018 event – refer below for more detail.

Drainage Upgrades

We also have a number of drainage upgrade projects that are underway this financial year as set out in the table below.

South Belt / Southbrook Road intersectionSump capacity increasedComplete
Main Street, OxfordInstallation of new pipework at West Station RoadComplete
King Street, RangioraImprove drainage outside Police StationComplete
Springbrook development, RangioraUpgrade of railway drain to be completed by end of June 2019Under construction
Siena Place / Sillano Place, MandevilleDrainage improvements to be completed by end of June 2019Under construction
Tui Street / Weka Street, OxfordInstallation of new soak pits to occur by end of calendar yearDesign completed
Oxford Road, RangioraUpgrades at Lehmans Road / Oxford Road to occur by end of calendar yearDesign completed
North Brook – Janelle to White, RangioraUpgrade of North Brook capacityDesign completed
Feldwick Drain catchment improvementsImprove drainage in Beach Road / Williams Street and Kaiapoi East area. 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21Strategy underway
Roscrea Place / McHughs Road, MandevilleCapacity upgrade - 2019/20 and 2020/21Investigation complete
Johns Road, RangioraCapacity upgrade - 2020/21 and 2022/23.Not started

Waikuku Beach

The Drainage team has been working with the Roading team to address a number of the maintenance issues identified in the Waikuku Beach area.

Swindells Road – culverts & swalesSwales have been reshaped and regraded by Sicon. Further work required to replace some driveway culverts on south side of roadOngoing
Waikuku Beach Central Area – localised floodingInvestigation in progressOngoing
Kings Avenue – culverts & swalesPipe outlet on Kings Avenue being investigatedOngoing
Taranaki Stream – flood gateRefer belowOngoing
Reserve Road – culverts & swalesCulverts and swales in the area have been cleaned out by Sicon. Soakpits have been identified at the intersection of Reserve / Broadway and Reserve / Cross and remediatedComplete
Broadway Avenue – culverts & swalesSwales reshaped and pipes unblocked. Drain cleaned along Park TerraceComplete
Kiwi Avenue Recreational Reserve – pipes & soakpitsSwales reshaped and pipes unblocked. Pipe from northwest corner of park located and inspectedComplete
Waikuku Beach South Oval – pipes & soakpitsPipes and soakpits cleaned and testedComplete
Kings Avenue / Allin Drive – drain & culvertsDrains have been cleaned outComplete
Allin Drive – culverts & swalesCulverts and swales have been cleaned out. Soakpits have been installed in Allin Drive and performance is being monitoredComplete

Taranaki Stream and Floodgate

Environment Canterbury River Engineers have cleaned out the Taranaki Stream downstream of the flood gate, which has dropped the upstream water levels by approximately 300mm.  The flood gate itself has been inspected by the Environment Canterbury River Engineers and is operating satisfactory, but requires the seals to be replaced.  These been manufactured and will be installed by September 2019.

Private Drainage Issues

Council staff have also been working with a number of residents with drainage issues affecting their properties.  Improvement works have been undertaken in Waikuku Beach Road and Park Avenue to improve the drainage in the street and advice provided to the landowners regarding works they can undertake on their property.

Other Drainage Issues

Council drainage staff are aware of a number of ongoing drainage issues and are working with Waikuku Beach residents to identify the problem and find solutions.

The Pines Beach / Kaiaraki

The WDC Drainage and Roading Teams have been working to address a number of the maintenance issues and deficiencies identified in The Pines Beach / Kairaki area. Some of the work is still ongoing and will be addressed when investigations identify suitable solutions.

Pines Oval Community Hall – localised ponding Swale has been formed on east side of Batten Grove and Chichester Avenue swale has been regraded.  Further work to improve road drainage to be coordinated with the Roading team Ongoing
Batten Grove / Monks Parade – localised flooding
Batten Grove / Chichester Street – drain & culverts
Pines Oval Playground – no positive drainage Investigation complete Ongoing
Beach Road – stop bank & flood gate Temporary bunding has been put in place. Further work to be coordinated between Roading and Environment Canterbury River Engineers to implement a permanent solution Ongoing
Chichester Street to Kairaki Creek – drain & culverts Pipes have been cleaned out and CCTV inspected Complete
Beach Road – flooding at old motel Swale and pipe installed by Sicon Complete
Kairaki Yacht Club – drainage from car park Advice provided to yacht club and sump has been installed Complete
Kairaki Campground – drainage swale Inspected and will be monitored Complete

Kairaki Creek Outlets

Construction works have commenced at the outlets from Dunns Ave to Kairaki Creek. These are due to be complete by the end of June. The works completed to date functioned well in the rain event over the weekend of the 1 June 2019.

Pines Oval Playground

A solution to reduce flooding at the playground has been finalised and ready to construct. Construction is unlikely to take place until October when ground conditions are better. Temporary measures are in place (soakage pit installed).


If you would like to know more about any of the above drainage works, please contact the Councils drainage team on 0800 965 468.