Kerbside Collection Days

Recycle reminders:

The collection days and weeks for each area are listed below, or you can use our handy interactive map.

Refuse bags are collected weekly and recycling wheelie bins are emptied fortnightly on the following days:


  • Oxford (including Commercial) Week 1
  • Cust (all Cust township) Week 1
  • Woodend township:
    • South of Woodend Road and Parsonage Road Week 1
    • North of Woodend Road and Parsonage Road Week 2
  • Rural Collection Area:
    • Rangiora-Woodend Road between Golf Links Road and Woodend Road Week 1
    • Northern Rural Collection Area Week 2: SH 1 north of Woodend, Waikuku, Waikuku Beach Rd, Northside Drive, Waikuku Beach, Geisha Road, Sefton
    • Pegasus township Week 2
  • Pegasus township Week 2
    • All of Pegasus and Mapleham, including specified 'difficult access' properties
  • Specified 'difficult access' properties in Rangiora: Helmore Street and Ballarat Village Week 2


  • Northern Rangiora (West) Week 1: both sides of High Street (including Park Street) and Oxford Road from Acacia Ave to King Street; the north-west portion of Rangiora from Oxford Road (east of Lehmans Rd) and High Street west of King Street and south of Seddon Street, west of White Street between Seddon Street and Kensington Ave, west of Enverton Drive from Kensington Drive to River Road, except specified 'difficult access' properties in Helmore Street and Ballarat Village which are collected on Mondays Week 2.
  • Northern Rangiora (East) and Commercial Area Week 2: the north-east portion of Rangiora east of King Street from Queen Street to Seddon Street; the blocks enclosed by White Street, King Street, Seddon Street and Kensington Ave; the Commercial Area (both sides of High Street between King Street and East Belt and between Blackett Street and Queen Street, Collins Street,      Manchester Place and Reeves Rd); the north side of Reeves Rd to Old Farm Place; both sides of Kippenberger Ave to Golf Links Road, and Golf Links Road.


  • Southern Rangiora (all areas south of Oxford Road, High Street and Kippenberger Ave, excluding Park Street, and the CBD:
    • Southern Rangiora (West) Week 1: the south-west portion of Rangiora west of King Street, from High Street to South Belt
    • Southern Rangiora (East) Week 2: the south-east portion of Rangiora east of King Street, south of Queen Street/Collins Street/Manchester Place/Reeves Rd to old Farm Place; the blocks south of Kippenberger Ave between Papawai Drive/Old Farm Place and Devlin Ave and north of Northbrook Road; both sides of Northbrook Rd from the railway line to Spark Lane (includingCotter Lane, Springbrook Close, Spring Lane and Willowby Lane); the area south of South Belt between Southbrook Park and the railway line/Railway road; both sides of Flaxton Road to the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park and Lineside Road to No. 609


    • Ohoka township and Mill Road east of Ohoka (recycling only, no rubbish collection) Week 1
    • Southern Kaiapoi (all areas south of the Kaiapoi River):
      • Otaki Street to Island Road between Ohoka Road and the river Week 1
      • Silverstream Week 1
      • South of Ohoka Road and West of Williams Street Week 2
      • North of Ohoka Road and from Otaki Street to Williams Street Week 2
      • East of Williams Street/Main North Road, south of the river Week 2


    • Northern Kaiapoi (all areas north of the Kaiapoi River):
      • West of Williams Street from the Kaiapoi River and Smith Street up to Old Main North Road intersection, east of Williams Street from the Kaiapoi River to Beach Road and both sides of Beach Road.  Week 1
      • Beach Grove. Week 1
      • East of Williams Street and north from Beach Road up to Old North Road intersection, both sides Williams Street from Old North Road intersection to SH 1, and Lees Road, including Sovereign Palms, Sovereign Greens and Sovereign Lakes developments Week 2
    • Pines/Kairaki Beaches and Beach Road Week 1
    • Southern Rural Collection Area Week 2: Tuahiwi, SH 1 south of Woodend, Woodend Beach Road and Woodend Beach, Copper Beach Road and Evergreen Drive, some of Sandhill Road and Fullers Road