Kerbside Collections

Only those properties that are rated for kerbside collection are eligible for rubbish bag collection and bin services.

Collections for the 2018/19 year are set at $103 (including GST) per annum for most collection areas, and $93 per annum for the recycling-only collection area in Ohoka, Mandeville and Swannanoa, and the Council is proposing to keep these rates as-is for the 2019/20 year.

Rubbish bags are user-pays: the Council doesn’t deliver rubbish bags (these can be purchased at local supermarkets and Council Service Centres), and doesn’t charge for the bags in rates. The cost of the bag covers the collection and disposal fees.

A new optional rubbish and organics bin collection service is available to households and businesses inside the Council's collection areas, and will start on 1 July 2019. Targeted rates will apply for these services, depending on the size of the bin and the type of service that’s selected. The service is available to the owner of the property as the cost is added to the rates, so tenants wishing to use the bin service will need to discuss it with their landlord.

Rate DescriptionProposed Annual Rate for 2019/20
Refuse Collection 80 litre bin$95
Refuse Collection 140 litre bin$125
Organics Collection 80 litre bin*$80
Organics Collection 140 litre bin*$110
Organics Collection 240 litre bin*$160

* The Council’s Organics bin and rubbish bag collection services are not available in the extended Ohoka Collection Area

Find out more about the service here.

Refuse bag collection

Only 'official' Waimakariri District Council refuse bags will be collected.  'Official' Council refuse bags can be purchased from any of the Council Service Centres and most local supermarkets in the District. Council's retail price is $3.00 per bag for a single bag, $15.00 for a 5-pack and $30.00 for a 10-pack. A 25-pack is $72.50. These prices are effective from 1 July 2017. Find out the breakdown of refuse bag charges below.

Please have your refuse bags on the ground at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.

Please do not overload your refuse bags as there is a 15 kg weight limit per bag.

You can check out your collection day on our kerbside collection days page which includes an interactive map.


Recycling wheelie bins have been allocated to each property that is rated for the kerbside collection service. The Council's kerbside collection contractor owns all of the bins - each bin is branded with a serial number and is allocated to a specific address. Each wheelie bin also has an address label to make identifying the bin easier, and so you know that the bin belongs at your home.

A bin allocated to a property has to stay at that property. Please leave the bin behind when you are moving out.

If you are moving to another house that is inside our collection area, there should be a bin at that property unless the house has only just been built. A standard wheelie bin is 240 litres, but 140 litre and 80 litre bins are also available.

Please check whether there is a bin, and what size bin it is, at your new place before you buy it or move in. There is a cost to replace a missing bin or to change a bin - if this is not done before you move in, then you will be liable for that cost.

Using your bin

  • Have your recycling bins at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day. Your collection day and week is printed on the bin address label.
  • Place the bin so the handle is facing away from the road and clear of obstacles. If a car is in the way, place the bin in front of it if possible.
  • Please do not overload, compact or overfill your recycling bin as there is a 70kg weight limit, and the bin will only be collected if the lid is fully closed.
  • Don't place bags or other items on top of your bin.
  • Some streets only have one-way collections. Bins must be placed on the correct side of the road to ensure collection. If you are new to an area, check where your neighbours place their bins for guidance.
  • Make sure that you bring your recycling bin inside your property as soon as you can on your collection day once it’s been emptied, and don’t leave it out on the street overnight.

If your recycling bin goes missing on your collection day, call the Council or email us ( within 24 hours to let us know. Check with your neighbours in case they have taken it in by mistake, and if you do find it contact us again as soon as possible to tell us it’s been found.

Missing bins will be replaced at no charge if they are reported within 24 hours of the collection day they disappeared. There will be a charge for bins to be replaced if they are reported as missing outside that 24 hour period. The GST inclusive charges are:

  • 80L         $90
  • 140L       $120
  • 240L       $132

Bin deliveries are made Thursday/Friday. If missing bins are reported to us by midday on Wednesday, the bin should be replaced that same week, otherwise it’ll be replaced at the end of the following week.

Moving to a newly built house

You are entitled to a recycling bin if your property is in the collection contract areas.  Please phone or call into any of the Council service centres to tell us that you would like a bin delivered. If you want to select organics and rubbish bins for your property, contact us to make arrangements on 0800 965 468.

Breakdown of refuse bag charges

Our bag charge isn't just for the manufacturing and supply costs of the bag itself - it also includes Council's refuse collection and disposal costs. This picture shows how the costs are broken down:

Rubbish bag with price breakdown

*Effective 1 July 2018

Incorporating these costs with the bag charge makes the bags completely user pays, which we hope encourages waste diversion. All of the refuse collection contract and refuse disposal costs, plus the Council costs associated with administration of refuse bag supply/sales and the refuse collection contract, are recovered through bag sales. The annual rate for kerbside collection pays for the Council’s wheelie bin recycling collection service and the operational, administration, advertising and promotion costs associated with the recycling collection contract.