Kerbside Bins Are Coming...

We’re introducing the ‘Your Choice’ kerbside collection service in July 2019.

We’ve asked ratepayers what service they want for their property so the right bins can be delivered to the right properties before the new service begins on 1 July 2019. The deadline for making that choice was 1 March 2019. The bin orders have now been placed based on the number and type of bins selected by ratepayers by the deadline.

If you’re in the kerbside collection area, are a ratepayer, and ask for rubbish and/or organics bins between 5 March and 14 June 2019, we will record that request and will do our best to deliver the bins before the new service starts (that depends on the availability of bins). If we can provide the bins before 30 June, your property will be rated for the service as from 1 July 2019. If we can’t deliver bins until after 1 July, you will be invoiced for part-year charges and the targeted rate will be added to your property’s rates in the following year.

Please email us at or contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 965 468 for assistance or to tell us what bin services you want for your property.

Questions & Answers

Here are some Q&As explaining the kerbside collection service.

What if I want to make a change to my earlier selection?
What will happen if I didn't order any additional bins?
What can I choose if I have a granny flat on my property?
What if I own several properties, or a property with several flats or units on it, how do I let you know what my choice is for each?
If my property changes hands before the bins are delivered can the new owner choose something different?
What happens if my property changes hands after the new service starts? Can the new owner choose something different?
When will the bins get delivered?
When does the bin collection start?
Is there a limit of one bin per property? What happens if I want two? Is there an enhanced service option like the recycling?
What will I be able to put in the organics bin?
How often will rubbish and organics be collected?
When does the bin collection start?
I live in Ohoka/Mandeville/Swannanoa and I have a recycling bin. Will I be able to use rubbish bags? Will I be able to get a rubbish bin, or an organics bin?
I live in Ohoka/Mandeville/Swannanoa and I (or the previous property owner) opted out of the recycling collection. Will I be able to opt in and get a recycling bin and rubbish bin? Will I be able to just get a rubbish bin?
Does this change what we take in recycling?
Will I have the same collection day?
What is the process for changing the type or size of bin after delivery has been made? Is there a cost?
What will the fees and charges be for stolen bins?
Why can’t I get a 240L rubbish bin from you?
Why is rubbish only collected fortnightly? Rubbish smells after one week.
How much am I allowed to put in my bin?
What happens if I leave where I am living?
What happens if I move into a property with no bin?
How many litres of rubbish can you fit into the WDC rubbish bags?
How do I know how big my Recycling bin is so that I can compare with others?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 965 468.