Soft Plastics

Soft plastics recycling scheme on hold

The soft plastic recycling scheme that was based in supermarkets and The Warehouse was temporarily put on hold from 1 January until further notice. Unfortunately there is no alternative to recycle soft plastics at this time, and soft plastics are not accepted in the Council's kerbside recycling bins or in the plastic bins at the transfer stations.

You can choose to stockpile soft plastics at your home, in the expectation that the recycling scheme will start again later in the year as signalled by Soft Plastics Recycling. There is a risk of having to dispose of the stockpile should the programme not start again. The end uses that are being trialed may not prove to be sufficient to deal with the amount of plastics being generated in New Zealand.

It is timely to begin thinking about how to make purchasing choices that minimise the amount of soft plastic that is purchased and therefore having to stockpile or throw away.

  • Avoid pre-packaged fruit and veges
  • Take reusable produce bags as well as reusable shopping bags to the supermarket - you can buy these at the supermarket and fruit and vege shops
  • Take your own containers with the tare weight written on them for bulk purchases at the likes of Bin Inn.

Visit the One Planet website and Future Living Skills for more information about reducing waste and living more sustainably. Visit the Soft Plastics website to keep up to date with the recycling scheme.