Events & Road Closures


If you wish to run an event on the road corridor or adjacent to the road corridor in a way that will change the normal operating conditions of the road, you will need to submit a traffic management plan.

Events with a road closure

Where the event proposes a full closure of a road, the event organiser, or their contractor, will need to contact the Council with the proposal a minimum of 42 days before the event. The reason for this timeframe is to allow for the road closure aspect of the event to be notified in the local paper for public consultation. The Council organises the newspaper advert on behalf of the applicant, with the cost of publishing the advert charged directly to the event organiser.

Road closures

All TMPs that involve a full road closure must include a completed road closure application as well a clear reference to static notice boards. Static notice boards must be designed to Waimakariri District Council notice board template and are required to be established 7 days (5 working days) before the activity takes place. This is an additional measure required for events with road closures, on top of newspaper adverts.