Vehicle Crossings & Driveways

Driveways between the road and property boundary are generally the responsibility of the property owner. This means the property owner is responsible for any maintenance of this area.

Where a footpath crosses the driveway the Council maintains the footpath. If the driveway is dug up by a utility authority, such as MainPower or Spark, then they are responsible for the repair and reinstatement.

If you wish to construct a new driveway or replace an existing one you need to apply to the Council by completing the Application to Form a Vehicle Crossing form. This form is also available from any Council Service Centre.

Please Note: The Vehicle Crossing location inspection must be approved prior to the Building Consent being granted.

For more information please refer to the Vehicle Crossing Information Pack and the Vehicle Crossing Bylaw 2019, or contact us on 0800 965 468.