Vehicle Access Restrictions - Red Zones

CERA is restricting vehicle access to certain roads in the residential red zones in Kaiapoi, commencing 15 August 2014. The roads affected in Kaiapoi are...

No Car Access.Cass Street from Hall Street to Askeaton Drive, Gray Crescent from Feldwick Street to Ilex Place, Beswick Street from Charles Street to Cass Street, Moore Street from Sheils Place to Cass Street, Oram Place from Bracebridge Street to the end, Shiels Place from No. 3 to the end, Sewell Street from Jones Street to Jollie Street, Sewell Street from Jollie Street to east end cul-de-sac, The Oaks from No. 21 to the end, Reay Place from Courtenay Drive to the end, and all of Azalea Place, Askeaton Drive, Kirk Street, Palmer Place, Cassia Place and Day Place

Vehicle access is restricted in Pines Beach residential zone streets from 1 August 2015. The roads affected are Clarke Avenue from Reid Memorial Avenue to cul-de-sac and Hood Avenue from Reid Memorial Avenue to Chichester Street.

You will be able to continue to use the above restricted roads for recreation, such as walking, cycling and exercising dogs.