South Belt/Southbrook Road Intersection

To improve traffic flow, traffic lights will be installed and intersection improvements will be made to keep traffic moving through Southbrook.

201701 Road Works in Progress

About the Project

Traffic lights are being installed and intersection improvements are being made to improve traffic flows through Southbrook. 

As well as installing traffic lights, there is a lot of work that needs to be done underground which is going to take time. Below is an outline of what needs to be done, and are the main components of the work schedule leading up to the completion in late July/early August.

Isaac Construction will be undertaking the work. The intersection upgrade is expected to be completed in late July/early August 2017 following some delays caused by underground service clashes, challenges working among underground services and some wet weather.

View detailed maps of the project below:

Benefits include:

  • Improved safety through the intersection
  • Safer access for people on bikes
  • Improved pedestrian connections and safety
  • Improved turning safety

Work to be done:

  • Removal of existing roundabout and traffic islands
  • Relocation of underground services (telecom, power etc) to ensure safe manhole access once the works is completed
  • Relocation of underground services to allow installation of the stormwater main, and new signal services
  • Installation of a new water sub-main, and valves relocated out of the intersection to ensure safe access once the works is completed
  • Installation of new water main on South Belt
  • Installation of new large diameter stormwater main
  • Installation of new sewer main
  • Reconstruction of the road pavement in South Belt
  • Pavement widening in Percival Street and Southbrook Road
  • Construction of a new footpath in South Belt
  • Removal of old kerb and channel and installation of new
  • Removal of existing footpaths and constructing new
  • Installation of a large concrete slab over the Middlebrook Culvert

All aspects of this project will require extensive de-watering due to poor ground conditions.

How this work will affect you:

Access - there will be times during the work when vehicle access to properties will be restricted. Access will be restored by the end of the working day. The contractor will notify affected residents before any access restrictions.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation while we complete this work. The contractors will do what they can to keep noise and disruption to a minimum.

Work to Date

Progress Update as of 10 August 2017

Work Underway:

The week has focused on preparing the site for the commissioning of the traffic signals. This has included the installation of the signal detector loops, and testing of the electrical components, and CCTV cameras.

These need to be operating (without the signals) for 48 hours continuously prior to the lights going live on Monday 14 August.

Other works on site this week has included the completion of the road marking, raising of service covers, and the installation of the tactile ground surface indicators (the tactile domes for the visually impaired).

Upcoming work:

Once the traffic signals are operating from Monday 14 August, there is still some minor works required to complete the works.

The most significant item that is remaining is the final sealing of South Belt, east of the intersection. This was deferred to allow the pavement to dry out sufficiently after the sub-grade became wet. Testing has now showed that South Belt east is now able to be sealed, and should be completed by Friday 18 August, weather permitting.

Contact Information

For further information please contact: 

Kieran Straw
Project Manager
Waimakariri District Council
Phone: 0800 965 468