Oxford Road Improvements - Rangiora

The Council is making changes to the northern side of Oxford Road, between Westpark Boulevard and Charles Upham Drive.

Significant residential growth and development has occurred on the west side of the Rangiora Township, into what was once a semi-rural environment. With this growth has come the need to create and urban environment in this area.

The work will include:

  • Construction of new kerb and channel along the northern side of Oxford Road, between Westpark Boulevard, and Charles Upham Drive, including provision for landscaped “build-outs” to ensure an attractive entrance to the Rangiora township from the west.
  • Construction of a new footpath, to provide a connection for residents of Westpark to the existing pedestrian facilities east of Charles Upham Drive.
    Extension of the street lighting network along the southern side of Oxford Road, as far as Westpark Boulevard.
  • Right-turn lanes at the intersection of Oxford Road, and Charles Upham Drive/Acacia Avenue. Included within this new road marking layout will be cycle lanes across the intersection.
  • Installation of three pedestrian refuge islands to help assist pedestrian across Oxford Road. These are to be located near the intersections of Westpark Boulevard, Charles Upham Drive, and Oakwood Drive.
  • Installation of two intersection splitter islands on both Charles Upham Drive, and Acacia Avenue at the intersection of Oxford Road.
  • Resurfacing of Oxford Road, at the intersection of Charles Upham Drive.

The work does not include the removal of the existing overhead power services, although underground ducting will be installed to allow for this in the future.

Timing of work:

The work will be completed in two stages, with the first stage of improvements starting on 11 November 2019 between West Park Boulevard, and Charles Upham Drive. This stage will be completed in 
February 2020. Minor investigation works will begin from 21 October in preparation for the work starting.

The second stage of improvements will be at the intersection of Oxford Road and Lehmans Road and are programmed for February 2020.

Hours of work will be between 7.30am and 6pm Mondays to Saturdays.