Ivory Street Upgrade

Ivory Street, between Alfred Street and Buckham Street is being upgraded to help improve safety for people visiting local businesses, and for vehicles to make a safe turn into Cone Street from the south. The Council has been working with local businesses and residents in the area, to make sure their feedback was considered in the improvement work and designs.

The work will started between Buckham Street and Queen Street during the week of Monday 13 July. This work is complete and contractors will move onto the next stage between Alfred Street and Queen Street during the week of Monday 17 August. You can view the latest update here.

Remaining work is broken into two further stages along Ivory Street with all work to be complete by late 2020:

  • Stage 2 - between Queen Street and Alfred Street - construction will begin in mid-late 2020 after a separate contract is in place.
  • Stage 3 - the entire length between Buckham Street and Alfred Street - all road surfacing, islands and road line marking will be completed after both Stage 1 and Stage 2 have been completed.

The work will include:

  • Installation of new stormwater pipes
  • Replacement of existing deep-dish kerb and channel
  • New footpaths
  • Nine recessed parking bays between Queen Street
  • Footpath resurfacing
  • A new pedestrian refuge outside number 81 And 78 Ivory Street
  • Installation of on-road cycle lanes
  • The existing Kowhai trees on the western side of Ivory Street between Queen Street and Buckham Street will be retained, with parking provided in recessed bays where possible. (Nine recessed parking bays will be provided along this length).
  • Upon completion of the new kerb and channel, and footpath the road will be resurfaced, and new line island will be installed outside number 81 and 78 Ivory Street to provide pedestrians with a safe crossing point The new line marking will include the following change to the Ivory Street road layout:
    • A central flush median between High Street and Queen Street. This will provide refuge for right turning vehicles into businesses and a safer exit by allowing clear sight lines to approaching vehicles. To achieve this flush median, existing parking on the east side of Ivory Street, between the Burger King entrance and Collins Street will be removed.

Map showing extent of work for Ivory Street upgrade