Dumping Garden Greenwaste

Greenwaste at Southbrook Resource Recovery Park

Material acceptable for composting
  • Only CLEAN garden greenwaste can be accepted for composting
  • Tree branches up to 100mm thickness (and shorter than 2.4m)
  • Shrub and hedge prunings under 100mm thickness
  • Leaves
  • Green vegetative material, i.e.perennials, vegetable plants, annuals, fruits etc.
  • Pea straw, clean hay, straw
  • Grass clippings (but not from lawns that have recently been sprayed with 'Versatil' or similar sprays, as these contaminate the compost).
Material NOT acceptable for composting
  • Stumps, tree trucks or large branches (over 100mm thick, or longer than 2.4m)
  • Bamboo
  • Flax and flax flower stalks
  • Palm fronds
  • Whole tussock plants, other stringy grasses
  • Ivy
  • Gorse in seed
  • Cabbage tree leaves
  • Complete loads of weeds with roots heavily contaminated with soil
  • Soil and compost heaps
  • Stones, concrete
  • Plastic, glass, timber, metal objects (e.g. plastic or ceramic plant pots, trellises, netting)
  • Material with baling twine/string mixed through it
  • Oxalis and listed noxious weeds
  • Mixed loads of rubbish and garden waste that cannot be sorted
  • Newspaper (clean newspapers can be recycled for free)
  • Animal manure of any kind.

The lists above have been supplied by Living Earth, who take greenwaste from Southbrook Resource Recovery Park for composting. Note: These lists are intended as a guide only.

Greenwaste at Oxford Transfer Station

At Oxford Transfer Station we accept separated tree and shrub prunings up to 100mm diameter at a reduced charge. These get shredded on site, and the mulch is made available for local community projects. We do not take grass clippings, weeds or green vegetative materials, nor any of the other unacceptable materials listed above, at the reduced charge.

If you have any material that you think may be suitable for composting, or would like further information, please contact us on 0800 965 468. Charges for dumping greenwaste can be found on our Rubbish and recycling fees and charges page.