What is cleanfill?

Cleanfill is materials that, when buried, will have no adverse effect on people or the environment. This includes virgin natural materials such as clay, soil and rock, and other inert materials such as concrete or brick.

Where can I dispose of cleanfill?

If you only have small loads of cleanfill, for example one or two trailer loads, then you can bring these in to the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park and dispose of the cleanfill in the skip provided. There will be a per-tonne charge for cleanfill (charges can be found on the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park section of the Rubbish and recycling fees and charges page).

Contractors and other individuals who want to take bulk quantities of cleanfill directly to the cleanfill site must register with the Council first. The registration process will take at least three working days. Part of the process is having a signed Cleanfill Receipt Agreement between the Council and the contractor or the individual intending to dispose of cleanfill at the cleanfill site.

There will be per-truck and per-truck-and-trailer charges for bulk disposal at the cleanfill sites. A cleanfill levy will also be applied to non-virgin cleanfill materials such as concrete, cured asphalt. The levy will not apply to virgin natural materials such as clay, silt and gravels. Refer to the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park section on the Rubbish and recycling fees and charges page for details on bulk cleanfill charges.

Sutherlands Pit Cleanfill Site

Materials accepted

Cleanfill ONLY

  • Clay, sand, soil, silt etc.
  • Stones and light gravels
  • Rough gravels and rock
  • Concrete*
  • Bricks*
  • Tiles*
  • Cured asphalt*, chipseal*

*Operating hours: 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Denotes those materials that the additional cleanfill levy will apply to.

Materials not accepted
  • Hazardous substances
  • Liquid waste
  • Road sweepings
  • Any materials with combustible, degradable, putrescible or leachable components (includes demolition or construction materials and greenwaste).

This list is intended as a guide only.

If you have any materials that you think may be suitable as cleanfill or you would like further information, please contact the Council on 03 311 8900. Ask at the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park kiosk for information about disposal charges and access to the above sites.

Access to the cleanfill sites for disposal

If you wish to use one of the above sites for the disposal of cleanfill, please contact the Council in the first instance to begin the registration process. Once you are registered and have signed a Cleanfill Receipt Agreement with the Council, you will have key access to the cleanfill site for three years, with a right of renewal for a further three years. You can contact the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park on 03 313 5499 or at 284 Flaxton-Rangiora Road during normal operating hours to arrange a key.

The kiosk operator at the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park will check what type of waste is on the truck, trailer or skip and has the right to reject any load that contains waste that is not acceptable as cleanfill.

When the key is returned and the declaration form is completed, the number of loads taken to the site will be recorded and charged for. If you have an account with the Council, an invoice will be sent at the end of the month.