Reducing Your Household Waste

There are heaps of ways you can reduce the amount of waste that comes from your household, that are easy and cheap to do.

  • Choose products with little or no packaging
  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Use cloth nappies, not disposables, where feasible
  • Put a 'no circulars', 'no junk mail' or 'no ad mail' sticker on your letterbox
  • Learn ways to reduce household food waste by following the National Food Waste Prevention Campaign - Love Food Hate Waste
  • Attend a 'Waste Free Living' or 'Waste Free Parenting' workshop with Kate Meads 'The Nappy Lady'.

If you live outside the District's kerbside collection area, you can take separated paper, cardboard, plastic containers type 1-7 except for anything that can be scrunched into a ball - like biscuit trays, glass bottles and jars with lids removed, aluminium cans and steel tins, electronic waste and much more to the Oxford Transfer Station or the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park.

Foil-lined drink/milk boxes with plastic pourers (like Tetra Pak) can only go in the Trees for Canterbury containers located at the transfer stations. They are used to plant native seedlings and are not recyclable.

Make use of services offered for diverting waste, for example some private bin collection companies offer a recycling or green waste bin that people located outside of the Council's kerbside collection area could use. Check out the Yellow Pages for services.

The Council is a partner in the Sustainable Living Education Trust, which has loads of resources and tips for practical ways to live more sustainably.