Diverting Organics

  • You can use the Council's kerbside collection service for organics and greenwaste. 80L, 140L and 240L bins are available
  • You can compost your food scraps and garden waste at home (and grow your vegetables and fruits with that compost to save on shopping bills)
  • You could build your own worm farm or compost bin (there are instructions on building a worm farm out of car tyres in the One Planet eBook)
  • The Council sells Bokashi buckets and CompostZing at Service Centres and the ReSale Store (Southbrook Resource Recovery Park), and also sells Pet Waste Composting systems and Earthmaker compost bin kits at the ReSale Store, all at discounted prices. Prices are on our Rubbish and recycling fees and charges page
  • Green waste can be taken to the Oxford Transfer Station or Southbrook Resource Recovery Park.